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JUDO is a discipline with its roots in the Japanese martial arts (Budo). Professor Jigaro Kano created it around 1870 in Japan. He extracted relatively safe techniques (throws holds, arm-locks, chokes and strangles) from the more dangerous art of Jujitsu, taught break-falling, and formed them into a comprehensive sport which he called Judo (“the gentle way”).

Judo has a deep and lasting beneficial effect on the physique and psychology of children. It channels aggression and, because of the close-contact nature of the sport, teaches respect and care for one’s fellow participants. The benefits of Judo training may be defined as “The Seven S’s of Judo”: SKILL, STRENGTH, SUPPLENESS, SPEED, STAMINA, SELF-CONFIDENCE and SELF-DISCIPLINE.

The club was created by Bryan Marcus in Barnet over 30 years ago as a non-profit-making family and community-based club. The club is affiliated to the British Judo Council, allowing members to enter competitions and other outside events and to ensure that grades are of a nationally recognised standard.

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Lyonsdown Hall, Lyonsdown Road, New Barnet, Herts, EN5 1JB

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