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The original version of these instructions are long, read boring but if you need clarification of some of the things you can add to your listing then please check it out at "Adding your Judo Club to I Love Judo -...

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We're always adding Judo clubs to I Love Judo as we come across them, if you find that your club is already listed you can claim it and take it over so you can edit the details, adding your logo, instructor details and lots lots more, see "

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To hopefully save you some time, before you read this please search I Love Judo for your club as we may have already added it. If we have you can read "claim your club" find out how to edit it. I Love Judo is very...

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If you are a Club Owner and wish to upgrade your account to club owner so you are able to list your club on I Love Judo. Once you are registered and logged in access your profile by

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Registering with I Love Judo is as simple as locating the login box at the bottom off the right hand side panel as shown below.

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To find a Judo club near you is easy using our search facility. The familiar search bar is available on every page of our site. Our search bar allows you to search using a keyword, location, association or search for clubs around your current location or combination of.