Daily Archives: October 5, 2015

Adding your Judo club to I Love Judo

The original version of these instructions are long, read boring but if you need clarification of some of the things you can add to your listing then please check it out at “Adding your Judo Club to I Love Judo – The Long Version“.

How to add your club

Claiming your club takes 2 easy steps, less if you’ve already registered with us.

  1. Check if your club is already listed on I Love Judo, if it is read “How to claim your club” as it is much quicker. If you’ve already done that Register: Click here to register. Stuck? read “registering with I Love Judo“.
  2. Once you’re registered, log in and you’ll be taken to the I Love Judo admin area.
  3. Top Menu, click My Clubs.
  4. On the My Clubs page, click Add New Club. Fill the form in. The more you fill in the more that will be displayed. Club Logo, description, address and contact details are the most important. The rest is just nice.
  5. That’s it. Click “Submit for Review” in the Publish box and we’ll email very soon to let you know it’s done.

Thank you for joining us at I Love Judo. If you wish to know more about the options available on the My Club form we do have that boringly long tutorial “Adding your Judo Club to I Love Judo – The Long Version“. You don’t have to read all of it :). If you have any problems or feedback we would love to hear from you using our contact form.