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Welcome to I Love Judo,

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As you can probably guess we love Judo but for very good reason. Judo is a martial art, an olympic sport and to many people a way of life.

Judo gives back over and over

  • improves strength & fitness
  • builds self confidence
  • self discipline
  • self defense
  • lots of fun

but most of all the family and friends you will find along your journey. Judo becomes so much more than the parts, teaches you to be a better person. A way of life just as Jigoro Kano (the creator of Judo) envisaged.

If you’ve never given Judo a try please find your local club and go, Judo is very low cost to get involved with and most Judo clubs offer a FREE taster session to see if you like it. Others also have low cost beginner courses. So please click search above or or read our search guide and hopefully we will meet on the Tatami (the Judo mat) soon.

If you’re a club owner please add your club, totally FREE, always free and let people in your area looking for a Judo club know where you are.